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Winter Driving Tips

Snow, ice and cold temperatures can cause major issues while traveling and you don’t want to be stranded in frigid temperature. Here are some tips for safer winter driving. 

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Which Jump-Starter Jump-Pack Do I Need?

With many options to choose from when it comes to Emergency Jump-Starters, features and specs can be overwhelming. Today I’m going to sort through the technical specs and give you the cold hard facts the way I like, easy and to the point. Let’s get to it!

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Preparing For Winter - Home and Garage Edition

If you live in an area where the seasons change from a Comfortable or Hot Summer to a Frigid and COLD Winter then you arrived at the right place for some tips and tricks.  


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The Utility of a Reliable Garden Hose and Nozzle: More Than Just Watering Plants

When shopping around, you might think grabbing the cheapest one will do. But, opting for a better quality hose actually makes a world of difference. It's more durable, reducing the chances of leaks and the frustration of kinks. Plus........

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How To Check Your Car Battery Health at Home

We’ve all jumped into our vehicle, turned the key (or pressed the start button) and heard the dreaded “click click click” and the engine doesn’t start. Or maybe it did start but it took a wee bit longer to turn over than you are comfortable with, neither situation is one you want to be in when you’re in a hurry.

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The Ultimate 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Homeowners

Entering a home marks the beginning of fresh memories and new stories. As the holiday season approaches, the challenge arises: What's the perfect gift for homeowners? Dive into our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide tailored just for them. 

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The 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Car Enthusiasts: Revving Up the Perfect Gifts!

Whether they love to get under the hood or just look good behind the wheel, we've got something to jump-start their heart. Buckle up, and let's cruise through the ultimate list of presents that will make any car lover's day!

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5+ Summer Driving Tips

When you think of road trips you think of summer, warm weather, open roads, and a car packed full of belongings. Before you get started on your warm weather journey, here’s a few things to consider that’ll make your life a little easier.

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Which Grass Seed do I need for my lawn?

There’s a lot of grass seed options available and it can be confusing which type you should buy, but don’t worry, we’ll make this easy for you.

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