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Fireman's Hose Nozzle with Pistol Grip

There’s really not a nice way to say it.

We love abusing our products – taking them to extremes and dreaming up torture tests. This time we have a real David vs. Goliath encounter. Imagine a garden hose nozzle meeting up with a 12,000 pound bus. But of course, not just any garden hose nozzle.

Our Fireman’s Hose Nozzle is the ultimate – built for a lifetime of use and abuse. The stainless steel mechanism is housed in a rugged fiberglass-reinforced nylon housing, with an outer layer of resilient rubber. Drop it, throw it across the driveway, or even park a 12,000 pound bus on it, and it just keeps on working. And when we say it keeps working, we mean it even keeps working while the bus is parked on it. Just try that with your ordinary hose nozzle.

Here at Sporty’s we search out, test, and offer you products that will stand up to more abuse than they’ll see in a lifetime of use. We guarantee it.

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Rechargeable 4-in-1 LED Light

Sometimes a particular product is so practical it becomes an employee favorite! That has been the case with our Rechargeable 4-in-1 LED Light. Like many of us, Jack Lynch, an Executive Vice President here at Sporty’s for many years, needed an emergency light he could depend on and could be kept close at hand.

Our Rechargeable 4-in-1 LED Light is that and more. The LED bulbs never need replacing—they last 100,000 hours! You’ll always know where to find it because you just plug it into a wall socket and leave it, keeping the rechargeable battery charged. It automatically lights up in a power failure to provide emergency lighting. Pull it from the socket and it’s a handy emergency flashlight with eight hours of run time—or you can just use it as an everyday rechargeable flashlight. Set it to motion mode and it will light up as you approach within twelve feet. Or set it to night light mode and it will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Jack has several around his home. He reports that “it’s like four lights in one. They are ideal for dark hallways and as a bathroom night light. They are also helpful at the top and bottom of stairs to light the staircase when you approach. I like that I can conveniently place them in a dark bedroom so they come on when I enter and I don’t have to fumble around for a light switch. And what I really appreciate is there are no bulbs or batteries to replace—ever!”

The Rechargeable 4-in-1 LED Light is the hardest working light you’ll have around the house. We test and use the products we offer which enables us to back them with a full one-year guarantee.

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Driveway Marker (set of 2)

Originally, we were looking for a way to mark taxi-ways, end of runways, etc. We needed something visible day or night, yet wouldn’t damage an aircraft if they struck it. We also wanted something we could easily remove when cutting the grass (over 90 acres) here at the Clermont County Airport, home of Sporty’s®.

We were so pleased with the results, we decided to come up with a version for marking driveway entrances and long, winding driveways.

Our Driveway Marker features a reflective stripe on the post to clearly mark your path even on the darkest night or during inclement weather. The spring-loaded post bounces back instead of breaking off when struck by a vehicle. The post also lifts out of the flush-mounted ground spike for easy mowing.

The Driveway Marker is just one example of the unique, high quality products found in our catalog. Every product we offer has to pass rigorous tests and offer our customer good value while filling a specific need.

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Flexogen Garden Hose (100 ft. - 3/4 in.)

Freeze it. Squeeze it. Drive over it in gravel. Maybe even turn it into a tree swing. How would your garden hose fare if you abused it like this?

If you said it wouldn't stand a chance, you need to trade up to Flexogen. This incredible hose is burst tested to 500 psi, it resists all sorts of twists and kinks and has octagonally shaped couplings to prevent crushing. Translated, this is the world's best garden hose.

How certain are we in making this claim? Here's our unconditional guarantee: If your Flexogen Garden Hose ever fails, we'll replace it at no charge, no questions asked. It's just that simple.

Now that you've heard all this, what length Flexogen would you like?

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Stainless Steel Smokeless Bonfire


Easy-Movers Furniture Sliders (Small)

At Sporty’s, we don’t take product tests lying down. In fact, thoroughly testing products, to ensure they exceed your expectations, is what we do every day. And we all take part in product testing. Sometimes our tests are scientific, while other times our tests are more practical in nature. Many times, simply asking our top employees to use the products around their homes is best.

Take our Easy-Movers furniture gliders for example. This simple product is nothing less than remarkable. By slipping an Easy-Movers furniture glider under each corner, one person can easily move heavy furniture over carpeted surfaces... just the thing when it’s time to clean or “rearrange.”

Some of our folks have found permanently placing Easy-Movers under their heaviest furniture is ideal for spring-cleaning. That thought appeals to me since I don’t want Sandy straining herself while moving dressers, armoires, entertainment centers, or other heavy objects. If you’re a thoughtful guy, you’ll get several sets, to make your spouse’s work easier.

Sporty’s continuously searches for unique, high-quality, durable products that make your life a little easier, in more ways than one.

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  1. Easy-Movers Furniture Sliders (Small)
    Easy-Movers Furniture Sliders (Small)
    Special Price $9.95 Regular Price $11.95

Gutter Pump for Downspouts (set of 2)

Clogged gutters can be responsible for causing a whole host of problems around your home, many resulting in expensive repair bills. There are numerous products available for protecting your home’s gutters and you’ll find some of the best ones right inside our catalog. However one of the simplest and most effective is our GutterPump.

Our patented GutterPump has a unique, self-priming siphon design that creates suction to keep water flowing even when gutters are full of leaves, twigs or other debris. And there’s no installation. Just drop one into each downspout. It’s that simple.

Bill Anderson, one of our long-time employees, has lots of large trees around his home. Every year he would battle clogged gutters. So when they arrived, Bill immediately volunteered to test the GutterPumps. He placed a total of 20 GutterPumps-one at the top of each downspout around his house, and water has been flowing ever since.

At Sporty’s, we search out the best tools for your home, garage, yard and workshop. Every product we offer has been thoroughly tested, and will exceed your expectations. We guarantee it.

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ezEggs Egg Peeler

The easiest way to peel eggs fast!

Peel up to three eggs in less than ten seconds by simply popping them into the ezEggs. The secret is in the patented elliptical design and interior engineered nodules that instantly loosen and peel eggs as you shake. Just shake and you have peeled eggs in seconds.

Peels up to 3 Eggs in Seconds
Made of BPA-free Durable Plastic
Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe
Create Your favorite egg dishes quickly & easily
Compact and Storable

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High-Rise Lawn Sprinkler

Our High-Rise Sprinkler proved essential in helping us establish lawns, trees and shrubbery at Sandy’s Airpark, Sporty’s new Residential Airpark development. We selected our High-Rise Sprinkler because it covers an enormous 5000 sq. ft. area which would have proven difficult with most ground based units. The telescoping tripod adjusts from 25″ to 48″ high so it won’t get blocked by lower obstacles, adjustable legs are also great for hillsides. The sprinkler head adjusts to cover a 100″ diameter area in a complete circular pattern or a partial arc making it ideal for gardens or established lawns too.

The maintenance free design features a solid brass sprinkler head and the tripod is constructed of rust-free extruded aluminum with an attractive green anodized finish. Especially nice is the way it telescopes to just 25″ for easy storage. As a result of our effort and the High-Rise Sprinkler, the lawns and foliage around Sandy’s Airpark are coming along nicely.

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